Get some free bitcoin with Ziglu!

What is Ziglu? Ziglu are a cryptocurrency startup who aim to make Crypto accessible to the masses and soon allow people to pay with their crypto for goods and services.

If I lost you at cryptocurrency, don’t let that put you off. Some people’s eyes glaze over as soon as you mention Bitcoin or Crypto.

Ziglu are literally looking to be the bridge between cryptocurrency and the masses and from what their website says they will succeed. But if all you take away here is £5 then you can’t lose. Better still, you can use your free money to buy bitcoins in the app and use their Bitcoin Boost to earn 5% interest per annum. Not bad :) 🚀 🚀 🚀

just click the link, install the app, and get your reward as soon as you’ve made your first exchange.

With Ziglu, you don’t just buy bitcoin, you can boost it too! Put your #bitcoin to work and earn 5% interest on your bitcoin balance! 🚀 Open a Bitcoin Boost account today in the latest version of the app.

"Ziglu Bitcoin Boost Platform Offers 5% Interest Rate Across 5 Different Cryptocurrencies Ziglu, the UK-based and FCA-regulated cryptocurrency challenger, has launched Bitcoin Boost, an account that allows Ziglu users to earn interest equivalent to an annual percentage rate of 5% on their bitcoin."

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